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Version 1.3 (25 Apr 2022)

If other people have access to this device, do log in/out at the end to protect your information.

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That's the gist of it. Please see below for more details, or read more about JoyMeter

Data policy

You own the data

Any data submitted via JoyMeter is anonymised and stored securely. It is used for research purposes only.

It is important to us that you remain in charge of the data. If for any reason you become uncomfortable about us holding information from you, we will remove the data - no questions asked. Just email

Your consent

You owning the data also means that we will not share data without your consent.

By taking part in this study you consent to your data being used for research purposes. For any additional use, we will ask your consent first.

After 12 months we will email you and ask whether you want to renew your consent. If you don't, any personal information will be automatically deleted after 18 months

How we use your data

There are different levels of access we would grant:

How we store your data

All of the data we collect, is stored on a secure server inside the UK. Your personal information, like name or email, are stored separately from your survey information and your electricity and gas readings.

Any concerns or questions, please email